What is TronHero Ecosystem?

TronHero Ecosystem is a DeFi project built on the Tron Blockchain by a group of Cryptopreneurs for the Tron community.

TronHero Ecosystem is built to overcome almost all the limitations which the current built Dapps are facing.

TronHero aims to provide a safe, secure and conducive investment environment.



To educate our current 30,000+ (and growing) community on cryptocurrency, and on the importance of a DeFi platform as a stable high risk - high yield investment.


To coloborate with Dapps developers/owners that want to obtain business exposure and long term business opportunities.


To be the ultimate DeFi platform that our community can trust with their investments for long term success.


Safe & Conductive

To be the 1st DeFi that earns the trust of the community by providing safe & conducive long term and sustainable earnings.


To educate the community to build and deploy their very own Dapps


To be the ultimate DeFi platform that has all the financial & investment Dapps to acknowledge various individual needs

Why TronHero?

Why You Should Be Part Of TronHero Ecosystem?

  • 🏆 A brand with authority
  • 🏆 3 months of planning + 3 months of development with a 2 year roadmap to be an ultimate DeFi on the Tron Blockchain
  • 🏆 Continuous crypto education via Hero Academy & zoom sessions
  • 🏆 Audited & user friendly investing ecosystem
  • 🏆 Minimal staking deposit for maximum profit
  • 🏆 A project built with identifiable use cases
  • 🏆 A project that combines various up to date and leading Dapps which will benefit TronHero community and the Tron Blockchain Community
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